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Please use the form below to tell us about your need or inquiry.  You can also email or call us to make an appointment. Our general response time is one (1) business day.  (Potential residents:  Please note that there is no guarantee of residential placement and that the time frame for availability can vary.)  

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A few things you should know about us:

We aren’t a shelter; we provide an individualized program in a nurturing environment to meet the physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs of each mother and her child that lead to independence. Our support includes a private, furnished bedroom with shared bathroom, personal supplies for mom and baby, laundry room, electric, water, internet, kitchen, dining room and transportation.

Admission Policies:

Applying for residency at Divine Mercy House requires completion of our application before an applicant will be scheduled to tour the facility and meet with our Resident Director. During the initial screening, the applicant will be asked to do a drug screening and background check (free of charge) and will have the opportunity to ask questions. After the screenings, if appropriate, applicants will be offered admission. Each new resident will undergo a 30-day probation period, which includes, but is not limited to: • No use of a personal cell phone or access to your car • Abstinence from alcohol, drugs, sexual activity and tobacco, which will remain in effect throughout the program. A drug test can be administered at any time during residency at Divine Mercy House.

Upon acceptance to Divine Mercy House, the resident must disclose and submit all financial information to the staff, including cash on hand, income from all sources and bank statements. This includes tax refunds, financial aid, child support and regular funds received from family, friends, etc. Once admitted to Divine Mercy House, the resident will be required to submit all money from all sources to Divine Mercy House. The resident’s money will be handled as follows: one-third will be used to support the house; one-third will be deposited into a trust account and returned to the resident when she exits the program, and one-third will be retained by the resident for personal use. In the event that the staff determines a resident has withheld money or financial information during residency at Divine Mercy House, immediate dismissal may be administered.

Attendance is required at Morning Prayer and weekly worship at a service of your choice. Each resident will attend and participate in all group activities such as life skill classes, nursing/parenting classes, Junior Achievement programs, counseling, weekly worship services, educational and recreational activities and any volunteer or special events offered by Divine Mercy House, unless a resident has received an excused absence from the Resident Director due to a medical or emergency situation.


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